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Physical therapists are the movements experts whose advanced training and unique skill set  improve our lives and make us feel better. Here are a few ways we can help!

manual techniques

Restricted joints and soft tissue are a common source of pain and altered movement patterns. Michelle utilizes many forms of specialized hands-on techniques to help decrease pain and increase motion allowing you to MOVE WELL!

vestibular specialist

The University of California San Francisco reports that 40% of US adults will experience dizziness at least once in their lifetime. Many times this dizziness can be caused by the balance system in our inner ear called the vestibular system. The good news is after a thorough evaluation treatment is highly effective with some showing 100% resolution of their symptoms in one session! As a vestibular expert since 2008 Michelle has successfully helped hundreds of these patients!

Graston technique

Utilization of stainless steel instruments to perform soft tissue mobilization to free restricted tissue, improve mobility and decrease pain. Safely used on chronic or acute injuries including post surgical sights and scar tissue.

Integrative dry needling

Advanced training utilizing fine filament needles inserted into tissue that is highly effective at reducing muscles tightness and trigger points to decrease pain and improve motion.

kinesiology tape

As a certified kinesio-tape practitioner (CKTP) Michelle has utilized this non latex, cotton based flexible tape since 2006. This highly effective tape is used to relax tissue tension, support joints and facilitate normal movement.

Therapeutic exercise

Physical therapists empower people to be active participants in their own recovery through education in personalized exercises to improve strength, flexibility and decrease pain.

Why Move Well physical therapy?

Because YOU matter!

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